Vehicle Remapping

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All of our maps are custom made, which means we take a read from the engines control unit (ECU) and modify it to your requirements. You should expect a 10-30% power increase and a 5-10% fuel economy increase. Please give us a call for the specific gains to your vehicle.

The Stage 1 (Power) Re-map allows your vehicle to gain a significant increase in torque and power while also improving your MPG saving you money on fuel in the long term with a significant power increase.

The Economy Re-Map allows your vehicle to significantly increase it's Miles Per Gallon saving you a considerable amount of money on fueling your vehicle. Slight power increase.

The Live and Dyno-ed Re-map is performed on a rolling road and is done to specifically match your vehicles specifications. This is usually when a vehicle has upgraded modifications such as a hybrid turbocharger or upgraded injectors and therefore needs the ECU to be programmed accordingly to achieve the extra BHP. This re-map includes a dyno print out detailing your cars BHP and torque before and after for you to see the improvements yourself.

Please Note: All vehicles must be mechanically sound before undergoing any performance improvements.